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WELCOME TO SWP AGRI “Sustainable soil water plant solutions”

SWP Agri was established at the beginning of 2016. The need for a business in the Eastern Cape that provides soil, water and plant solutions in a natural and sustainable way was identified by the directors of the company.

SWP Agri has a wide footprint in the Eastern Cape with agents covering all the areas of crop-cultivation, including pastures. We advise and source products for a given client based on their particular needs and ensure that we assist them on an ongoing basis with the monitoring and measuring of their applications and results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist farmers with the restoration of soil and water through unique and appropriate agricultural solutions.  We focus on sustainable farming practices; giving farmers access to quality, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products together with relevant skills and knowledge transfer.

Our Vision

Sustainable and innovative agricultural solutions to restore soil and water for healthy and quality food production.

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Shop 2, Elephant Walk, 94 Doorly Road, Colleen Glen, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

T. 060 3777 894 | C. 082 609 7770