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Sustainable soil water plant solutions

SWP AGRI was established at the beginning of 2016 in the Eastern Cape and in 2018 SWP AGRI expanded into Kwa-Zulu Natal.  The need for a business focussed on sustainable, biologically-driven products that provide soil, water and plant solutions in a natural and sustainable way was identified.


We focus on sustainable farming.

The focus of the business is to provide a range of products, services and solutions that support our vision of sustainable agriculture and which will ultimately increase the quality and health of the soil, water and plants.  We strive to educate, improve and assist farmers to reach optimum quality and yield by bringing products that will enhance their existing farming practices.


A healthy solution to the achievement of sustainable farming.

Our products range includes; carbon-based plant hydrolysates which increases the soil’s carbon levels and results in improved nutrition-uptake by the plant; soil conditioner and bio-stimulants, such as calcium and magnesium products which are important for soil restoration;  beneficial microbes for improved soil, root and plant health; bio-enhancers such as Norwegian kelp; foliar feeds and fertilizers.  We also have a unique environmentally friendly water and surface sanitizer.

SWP AGRI operates over a wide geographic area with diverse climates and rainfall patterns, from the Eastern Cape with its unreliable rainfall and harsh climatic conditions to Kwa-Zulu Natal with its high rainfall and subtropical climate.

The common challenges faced in these areas are poor quality soil and water; and vast distances to bring products to the farmers.  To address these challenges, quality products are needed that are also cost effective and easy to apply.  This has been our main consideration in sourcing the best products both nationally and internationally.


We constantly strive for innovative solutions.

We strive to be innovative and together with our manufacturing partners we are constantly developing new products and technologies to support the farmer in achieving his objectives in a sustainable way.


  • “In my mind this crowned my search for the right, effective and affordable spray products for crop production and such I can attest to the wonderful symbiotic working of these products”

    Loddie Greyling (082 651 0045).

    – Chicory, Eastern Cape


We offer unique, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products and solutions that support sustainable agriculture.  Our focus is on soil, water and plant health.


We offer soil analysis done by Brookside Laboratories, USA through Vermi Solutions.


We evaluate soil, water and plants to recommend solutions for soil restoration.


We evaluate different factors to recommend sustainable solutions for enhanced crop production and yield.

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We offer water analysis done by accredited laboratories.


We are constantly working to equip and support farmers and other role players to implement sustainable farming practices.  As a company we are constantly working to enhance our own skills-base and source sustainable products.


We designed a dosing unit through which products can be applied via pivots.  We can advise on beneficial microbe brewing (multiplication) units.

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