Affiliated Companies

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Humefert manufactures a unique range of bio-stimulants, plant growth enhancers and microbes.  They are the main supplier of biologically active carbon products such as BlackGold™ and AminoFix-3000™.  These products can be used on its own as soil conditioners, or to enrich liquid fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers, or granular fertilizers.

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Aquasol Nutri, is one of the largest and most reliable fertilizer suppliers in South Africa.  They specialises in the formulation, production, and distribution of water-soluble fertilizers and related industrial chemicals.  Their product range covers the entire spectrum of plant nutritional elements of water-soluble fertilizers. Their products can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from fertigation and foliar feeds to conventional fertilizer applications.

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Vermi Solutions provides an analysis and recommendation service such as, soil, water, fertilizer, compost, etc.  They are an independent company and recommend what the soil need for optimum production.  Various analysis options are available.  Soil analysis is done by Brookside Laboratories Inc. situated in New Bremen, Ohio, USA.

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Brookside Laboratories is a highly automated laboratory providing complete analytical services to over 200 consultants around the world working with over 6.5 million acres of crops or sports turf.  The only laboratory in the world offering complete agricultural/turf, environmental, accredited (ISO 17025) geotechnical testing and soil health testing services.