Technical Datasheet
Material Safety Datasheet

Product Description:
Moskult® is BlackGold™-enriched micro-organisms that can either be multiplied or activated:
  • Multiplied by a cost-effective “do-it-yourself”-way using a Brewing Tank with which Moskult®- Biocultures are cultivated overnight under sterile and controlled conditions.
  • Activated by a more expensive, but quick and “ready-to-use”-way where Moskult®-Biocultures are activated in lukewarm water for two hours.
Moskult® contains a number of Rhizophillic Bacillus species together with Trichoderma sp and associated synergistic support organisms.  Together they provide a living shield against potential pathogens, such as Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, Fusarium, Pythium, Sclerotinia etc.  This is accomplished by crowding out attackers and by consuming the root exudates which attracts them.

A few advantages of MOSKULT®:
  • Dissolves fixed nutrients and make them accessible to the plant.
  • Breaks down organic material and toxic chemical compounds in the soil.
  • Produce natural chelates (siderophores) that increase the absorption of nutrients in plants.
  • Consists of various bacterial species known for their ability to bind nitrogen and make it available to the plant.
  • Manufactures antimycotics and enzymes that suppress a variety of root diseases and fungal pathogens.
  • Produces chitinase, an enzyme known to digest the cell walls of larvae, pupae, eggs and mature insects in the soil.
  • Manufactures a variety of growth hormones that stimulate plant growth.
  • Produces vitamins and amino acids that stimulate plant growth.
  • Produces organic acids that dissolve minerals and make nutrients available to the plant.
  • Induces natural disease resistance in plants.
  • Stimulates and promotes the germination of seed.

This product can be applied through drip, micro, overhead or any other applicable irrigation system or suitable equipment.  NB: Do not subject product to pressure in excess of 10 bar and always apply after the filter system.

13 kg “do-it-yourself” brewing kit. 1 kg “ready-to-use” bag.