Technical Datasheet
Material Safety Datasheet

Product Description:
PHOSUP+™ is a clear, liquid ammonium orthophosphate fertilizer containing Nitrogen and Phosphate, the Phosphate source is composed of Orthophosphate (11.15% m/m or 111.5 g/kg).  PHOSUP+™, unlike most granular phosphates, is 100% water soluble without any sediment and with a pH of 7.11.  PHOSUP+™ is a custom or prescription mix.  (Registration in Progress)

This product can be applied through drip, micro, overhead or any other applicable irrigation system or suitable equipment.

General Information:
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Clear liquid with no sediment and pH relatively neutral at approximately 7.11.
  • Orthophosphate is immediately available to the plant and can be applied directly next to or under seedlings or seed-row.
  • Contains all its nutrients in a 100% water soluble form.
  • Non-volatile and safe to handle, compatible with most other liquid fertilizers.
  • Versatile application and easier to handle than powder fertilizers.
  • Improves yield and Brix-levels.

20 Litre plastic containers, 1000ℓ “flow-bins”.